Monday, August 11, 2008

Valencia Street Circuit for the 2008 Formula One Grand Prix of Europe

The new Valencia street circuit is almost ready to welcome the F3 and GT cars that will headline its trial run this weekend, ahead of next month's European Grand Prix.

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One of Formula One's latest additions is rapidly taking shape ahead of its trial run this coming weekend, when the Spanish F3 and GT series headline the inaugural event on Valencia's new street circuit.

Organisers have released an aerial image of the circuit, which wends its way around the city's America's Cup harbour and has undergone a rapid transformation following the event's confirmation on the F1 calendar. The entire 5.473km length - which has an expected lap time of min 37secs - has been resurfaced and the surrounding area given a facelift to welcome Bernie Ecclestone's travelling circus for the European Grand Prix over 22-24 August.

The circuit, which is framed by the Grao area of Valencia, is at least 14 metres wide, including asphalt borders identical to the track surface, which has been designed to withstand the unusual forces applied by F1 cars. In contrast to many street circuits, however, the organisers have been careful to rework the drainage system so that, unlike the rest of the city, the streets do not feature any manhole or drain covers.

The lap starts in front of the former port stalls, and continues clockwise around the docks' former perimeter road until it reaches the point known as Grua Cabria, where it passes in front of the America's Cup bases of Luna Rossa Challenge and BMW Oracle Racing, before returning to the road with a left turn around the Alinghi team's base.

The layout then moves on to the Paseo de las Palmeras, before reaching the esplanade and the North Marina, where a series of slow turns lead the drivers over the swing bridge crossing the dock access canal. This will be one of the focal points of the circuit when racing begins and is sure to provide a unique backdrop to images of the event.

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